Alfred Ninaus

Producer | Managing Director

Alfred Ninaus is an Austrian film producer and film director. He spent his childhood and teenage years on a farm in Styria. Already in his early youth he realized that film will determine his life. But this inner urge to make films seemed to be as distant as a dream to the then 15 year-old Alfred Ninaus as in the 60s he had no access to a profession called “cinematographer” in his agriculturally dominated surroundings. However his passion far outweighed his reasoning. At first Ninaus learned the trade of photography. Following that he assisted at professional film productions. But between passion and camera Ninaus’s real calling became apparent: directing. And thus he directed his first short film in 1970. The film making of Alfred Ninaus in the 70s and 80s consists mainly of socially critical themes and taboos. With his feature film “Run Rabbit Run” – a movie about teenage criminality in the slums of Graz towards the late 70s – Ninaus gained national and international attention and has been present at renowned film festivals such as the Berlinale. Today the feature film „Run Rabbit Run“ is one of Austria’s classic motion pictures and Alfred Ninaus is one of the precursors of the "New Austrian Film". In 1980 Alfred Ninaus founded RANfilm – a film production company, which has produced many films for the national and international TV and cinema market varying from fiction to documentaries.
Looking at Alfed Ninaus’s biography, one thing becomes very clear: It’s worth it to dream!