Bucklige Welt - Wechselland

Project: TV-Documentary, ORF
Production Company: RANfilm 2009
Language: German
Screenplay: Fritz Kalteis
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

A young man must go, professionally, at the “Bucklige Welt”. He is an engineer and has to perform in a wind power plant maintenance. He takes in a farm home for the night. The daughter of the house receives him. Together with her, he rises the next morning the wind turbine. On the observation deck, he realizes why the country deserves to be called “Bucklige Welt” Again and again, the young man returns in the previous months to the region. He discoveres together with his companion, behind every hill, a new surprise. The film tells about the power of the concept of home and the desire of the townspeople for an alternative to his real life environment. The “Wechselland” and the “Bucklige Welt” are projection screens for personal desires. In addition, the film shows the natural beauty of the region from new angles, and offers an unusual insight into the nature, culture, cuisine and into the rich traditions of the people.