Das Murtal- Vision zwischen tradition und moderne

Project: TV- Documentary, Servus TV
Production Company: RANfilm 2014
Language: German
Screenplay: Fritz Aigner
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

The Murtal – barely any other region in Austria has gone through similarly fundamental changes in the last decade. From heavy industry to tourism, from the mining industry’s soot to an oasis of relaxation for guests. And in 2014, the return of Formula 1 to Murtal’s Spielberg will bring another attraction pulling in the masses.Another change for even more tourism? In Murtal we realised that you can’t lose sight of your roots and thus we value authenticity in appearance and sustainability in our regional value creation.The Murtal region is located in Upper Styria and consists of the boroughs Knittelfeld, Judenburg, and Murau. In the last century, the lower part of the
region has been affected by mining, heavy, and metal industries. The upper part around Murau however, has been focusing on tourism. With the downfall of industry towards the end of the 20th century many crises came along: unemployment and heavy emigration – especially in adolescence. Negligence of city and landscape images and abandoned industrial facilities have for several years tarnished the area and with the end of the A1-Ring, the phrase “Krisenregion” has been coined.Despite this economic crash, the people have not lost courage and painstakingly rebuilt a new infrastructure – towards a modern hi-tech industry and tourism. Leisure, sports, and culinary art as well as the reconstruction of the A1-Ring by Red Bull in Spielberg signal a renewed spirit of optimism in this region. This film will illuminate this