Der erzberg- eine region im Umbruch

Project: TV- Documentary(44min)
Production Company: RANfilm 2006
Language: German
Screenplay: Klaus T. Steindl
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

In the area of the Styrian Erz Mountain old industrial regions directly border on unique areas of unspoiled nature. In the series „Erlebnis Österreich“ (Adventures in Austria), produced by the regional television studio of Styria of the ORF, the Styrian producer  Alfred Ninaus and the script writer Klaus Steindl highlight this area of conflict and document the history of the socalled "street of iron" as well as the decline of the big industry. They describe the quest of the region for a new identity. In this documentary former miners have their say ("this is not a job for everbody") and shows to which extent this profession cultivates old tradition and honors Saint Barbara, the patron saint of the miners. In 1986 the extremely dangerous digging underground was discontinued. Today only open cast mining is carried out on the "Styrian pyramid" with about 25-steps  .This makes the montane memorial Ezberg still an important employer, but people re intensivley preapring for a time after mining. Current initiatives market the former symbol of economic growth as a "mountain of events" and the cities and towns along  the "street of iron" invite to expriences in the range of  sports, culture and nature.The archduke Johann of Austria plays an important role in the history of the Erzberg, at the beginning of the 19th Century he helped  ore mining to boost. This personality who modernized Styria and therefore was very popular at his time, is represented in the film by the TV-Star Christoph Moosbrugge. He carries us through the film and makes comments about today's situation from his point of view. The concepts of his time are out of date – but visions also exist this very day.