gardens of habsburg

Project: TV- Documentary Mini-Series, ORFIII (90min / á 45min)
Production Company: RANfilm 2017
Language: German
Screenplay: Stephanie Ninaus
Director: Stephanie Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

The house of Habsburg was one of the most influential royal houses of Europe and the world. Their empire once was so powerful and big that it was called „The empire on which the sun never sets.“ The Habsburg regency is characterized by unique architectural monuments as well as their innovative garden culture and parks.

The documentary „Gardens of Habsburg” deals with the „green thumb” of this famous family. Magnificent gardens, gigantic parks and an extraordinary collection of plants. Some of their gardens have disappeared over the centuries. They do just exist on paintings or plans as for example the terraced garden at the top of the Hofburg palace in Vienna.

Botany was always a major element for all members of the Habsburg – Lothringen family. “Franz I.” also known as the „emperor of flowers” counts to some of the great pioneers in gardening. Their treatment with plants was not just focused on regional species. Already in the 18th century, the Habsburger sent plant scientists on research expeditions to exotic countries. As a result they created a breathtaking diversity of plants in their gardens which fascinates people all over the world until today. The house of Habsburg is widely known for their passion in gardening. They founded institutions such as the „Agricultural society“ in 1808 and the „k&k Horticultural Society“ in 1837.

The film explores all of their „green miracles“: From the “english landscape garden” to the “french formal garden.”