Die Hochsteiermark

Project: TV Documentary (45min/25min) ORF, 3sat
Production Company: RANfilm 2010
Language: German
Screenplay: Fritz Kalteis
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

The “Hochsteiermark” , is styrian land between Leoben and Bruck Mürzzuschlag . This is the country in which the high spring sources that supply the whole of Vienna, Graz and half with water. The country to join in the blast furnaces and high-tech past and future. The land where the Styrian Prince Erzherzog Johann and the poet Peter Rosegger have lived and worked . The Land of Grace Mother of Mariazell " Magna Mater Austriae " that protects this region for 850 years. The country that pilgrims , hikers and bikers , skiers and snowboarders , gourmets, romantics and lovers of culture attracts year after year . But emigration and depopulation threaten the “Hochsteiermark”. But even when life is hard, people never want to give up their homes. They take the challenge of the future: a balancing act between fascination and resignation. Since the snowy winter of 2009 the austrian film producer and director Alfred NINAUS toured with a five -member film crew and filmed the highlights of the region. Ninaus shows the struggle of the people to their homeland to live and earn a living - economic collapse of the former industrial area and many new challenges that make the people again and again a hard test. A 25min . Movie version shows the ORF 20 February 2010 in the series " EXPERIENCE AUSTRIA " . The 45 min. Film versions show 3sat, BRalpha and RAI Bolzano expected in spring 2010.