Geschichten aus dem Joglland

Project: TV-Documentary (45min)
Production Company: RANfilm 2005
Language: German
Screenplay: Klaus T. Steindl
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

„Geschichten aus dem Joglland“ is the title of a portrait of the unique landscape at the foot of the Hochwechsel in the northern part of Eastern Styria, produced by RAN-Film in a Co-production with ORF, 3-SAT and RAI-Bozen for the series „Adventure Austria“ Legend has it that the name „Joglland“ is derived from the empress Maria Theresia. When the affable monarch visited this area.once, she asked people for their names – and they often replied: „Jogl“! This amused the empress and she allegedly said„ This really is a land of Jogls“. The well-known Styrian regional writer Peter Rosegger, who spent most of his apprenticeship as a dressmaker in this area, once said: „Home of my childhood – I have never found a country in the whole wide world, which is so beautiful and so blissful as this rough mountain range between woods and meadows. Based on the script of Klaus T. Steindl the Styrian film producer Alfred Ninaus  illustrates the time of Peter Rosegger in several scenes and shows the residents and the landscape of this Styrian region in its diversity and singularity.