Border experiences

Project: TV-Portrait (12min)
Language: German
Screenplay: Herbert Kampl
Director: Alfred Ninaus

Every man makes experiences. That of August Janisch however have to do with very tangible boundaries. Boundaries that other people close off the road. His grandparents and his father, who was at this time still a small child have exceeded an Austrian- Hungarian border. Economic refugees they would probably call today. Of course it was not easy for them, tough tackling issues in a foreign land in order to provide a better life for their children . But quite decent place August Janisch. He was pastor in Hartberg - and was committed to people who had their periods of life as refugees. In December 1993, 10 years ago , Pastor Janisch was the first victim of a bomb letter of all bomb series in Austria . A borderline experience of a different kind after a sabbatical year at the Cistercian monastery of Rein - Father Janisch August 2001 has become a monk. A precious gift of new life is the time. He uses it for himself and people - artists , refugees and monks - where it helps to skip limits.