habsburgs adriatic sea

Project: TV- Documentary, ORFIII (45min)
Production Company: RANfilm 2017
Language: German
Screenplay: Stephanie Ninaus
Director: Stephanie Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

The house of Habsburg was one of the most influential royal houses of Europe and the world. Their empire once was so powerful and big that it was called „The empire on which the sun never sets.“

The documentary „Habsburgs Adriatic Sea“ explores the once „Adriatic metropolises“ of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – places where the economy and trade have flourished, large warships anchored and of course numerous mansions and summer residences of the “Who is Who” of the 19th Century have emerged. All of these architectural - magnificent buildings tell us stories! Stories of the “old world”, a historic time in which the railway of the monarchy rode through valleys and mountains to transport the nobility as well as the upper bourgeoisie and artists to the Adriatic Sea. Those privileged people brought a lot of goods with them - culture, tradition, couture but above visions and dreams! The first spa facilities, hotels, seaside resorts and promenades were built. A restaurant here, a coffee house there and in the middle of it much prominence and multiculturalism.

The documentary takes a ride to the once famous metropolises of this multinational empire: Trieste, Grado, Portorož, Pula, Opatija, Lovran and Lošinj – places where you can still feel the „old world“. The film explores those places with the help of inhabitants, historics and experts.