heimat im wechsel - das steirische wechselland

Project: Tv Documentary (45min.), ORF
Production Company: RANfilm 2011
Language: German
Screenplay: Fritz Aigner
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

Million people cross it every year , the “Wechsel” , the eastern mountain range of the Alps , which also marks the border between Styria and Lower Austria .When you travel on the A2 motorway between Vienna and Graz - one of the main routes of Austria, whose importance has increased with the opening of the EU in the European context- you will cross it. But few know the “Wechsel” with its high plateau and the surrounding area. A winding highway in the earlier decades of Vienna or Graz – depends on the direction you had to pass one of the most impressive alpine pastures , the “Wechsel” cross country . Especially in the winter the “Wechsel”, for the travelers was often a seemingly serious hurdle. The inhabitants of the styrian “Wechsel” provide information about how their home has changed , the challenges to come to them and how they define home at all . The change itself is a projection of feelings for his home residents. But what home means today in a united Europe in a globalized world ? The example of the changing country and its inhabitants this question will be a critical look at traditional home concepts. Here , the film also illuminates the life and work of the still controversial local poet Ottokar Kernstock (1848-1928 ) , who worked hard on the castle on the “Wechsel” and there was also his last resting place .The film focuses on the history of the country , but also the economic situation of the region , which is dominated by commuting . It also highlights the difficulties of agriculture. Lock annually to ten small farms . All images and sound bites from the presence of questions are asked and answers sought .