Leopold Kohr - Small is Beautiful

Project: TV-Documentary (45min) ORF / 3sat
Production Company: RANfilm 2011
Language: German/ English
Screenplay: Eduard Gugenberger, Fritz Kalteis, Fritz Aigner
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

Economic crisis and climate change shuttle the world to the very foundations. Is the negalomaniac globalisation followed by a new modesty? There is evidence to suggest it - and Leopold Kohr, originating from Austria, has already known about it.The growth of the human system seems to have reached its limits. Economic crises, crashing bank empires and the consequences of climate change shake the globalized world. Is that necessarily bad? Should the doctrine of eternal growth not be questioned? Can a new modesty not open new perspectives? Leopold Kohr has put questions like this already 50 years ago. 1983 Kohr has been awarded with Alternative Nobel Prize. However, the Austrian economist and philosopher, who was born in Salzburg, has remained widely unknown in his homeland. This film reminds us with sustainability of Leopold Kohrs ideas.

Film Festivals
Globians doc fest Berlin (GERMANY)

LSFF Festival Prague – Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics & Management (Czech)