Peter Rosegger - Waldbauernbub und revolutionär

Project: TV Documentary (52min) ORF Kulturuniversum
Production Company: RANfilm 2006
Language: German
Screenplay: Klaus T. Steindl
Director: Klaus T. Steindl
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

A small and lank boy born in the region of the Styrian Alpl on his way to become a superstar. Born in the year 1843, in a rough landscape strongly affected by farming. Those who were born here either became farmers, farm labourer or left the area to become a worker in the nearby industrial areas of the upper valley of the river Mürz. Peter Rosegger, however, became a writer. In his work he describes - partly  autobiographyically – experiences made in an area of conflict between economic and social changes. With more than 15 million books sold and their translation into 28 languages he is one of the most read writers of his time. He becomes honorary member of the  "Royal Society of Literature" of London, gets a number of honorary doctorates and is nominated for the Nobel prize in 1913. How is this possible? How can a poor boy of the middle of nowhere get so famous? In their documentary – produced for the series "Universum-Kultur" by the ORF - director Klaus T. Steindl and producer Alfred Ninaus  reflect the time Rosegger lived in from today's  point of view: By means of selective incidents, commented on by Rosegger as a contemporary witness, the film takes up the major subjects, changes and upheavals of that time.