Peter Rosegger - der poet der aus dem walde kam

Project: TV-Documentary (50min.), Servus TV
Production Company: RANfilm 2013
Language: German
Screenplay: Stephanie Ninaus
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus

Peter Rosegger was born on 31 July 1843 in Alpl, in the approximately 1200 meters above sea level Kluppeneggerhof. He was the first of seven children. Surrounded by dense forests, rolling hills and steep mountains, hidden and yet looking into the endless distance, stands his birthplace. Rosegger has always kept these surroundings close to his heart, influencing his work and his view of the world.

Rosegger – an astonished child, an amazing man. Far away from regulated school visits and at the age of 11 he wrote his first poem. His prodigious talent is what turned this forest farmer’s boy into a literary superstar.

Rosegger went through his life with open eyes and a sharp mind, almost nothing remained unnoticed by the poet and human. He was modern and open-minded – but also conservative. He was a regional writer but also a social critic. His many facets are what made him into the man he was and into the man we will not forget.