Run rabbit run

Project: Cinema- Drama/ Romance (82min)
Production Company: RANfilm 1980
Language: German / English (Subtitles)
Screenplay: Werner Kopacka
Director: Alfred Ninaus
Producer: Alfred Ninaus
Cast: Eva Prevolnik / Ruth Ninaus / Dieter Zirkelbach / Hermann Schulz / Klaus Wemmer / Erich Pirker / Gina Pirker / Peter Kügerl / Jörg Leodolter

This movie is based on real events. In February 1977 a 13 year-old boy has been taken into custody inthe city of Graz. This boy has been growing up in the “slums” (meaning the last barracks in the Styrian capital Graz), has 11 siblings and has been raised by his single mother.

Martin Pittner does not see anything bad in breaking-and-entering with his friend – the 13 year-old Fritz – and even commits muggings later on. Not until a detective takes him to task does he realise the gravity of the situation.


Special Award Festival Internationale di Giffoni Valle Piana(IT)
Filmpreis des Landes Stmk
Filmförderungspreis der Diözese Seckau

Film Festivals:

Teilnahme am intern. Filmfestival Berlinale (Rahmenveranstaltung in der Filmmesse)
Teilnahme Filmfestival Mannheim
Teilnahme Fimfestival Ödenburg
Teilnahme Filmfestival Viennale
Teilnahme Österr, Filmtage