• Project: TV Documentary (2017)
  • Production Company: RANFILM (AT)
  • Length: 45min
  • TV Partner: ORFIII
  • Screenplay: Stephanie Ninaus
  • Director: Stephanie Ninaus
  • Producer: Alfred Ninaus

Habsburg's Adriatic Sea

The documentary introduces the former ‘metropolises of the Adriatic Sea’ of the Habsburg Monarchy. These were places with a flourishing economy and trade, where large warships anchored, but where, above all else, the ‘Who is Who’ of the 19th century built countless villas and summer residences. All these architectural masterpieces tell of ‘another world’, of a time gone by, when the Monarchy’s rail network crossed valleys and mountains to bring nobility, the middle classes and artists to the Adriatic Sea. The Empire’s noble men and women brought with them culture, tradition and haute couture, but mainly visions and dreams. They built the first spas, hotels, seaside resorts and promenades. A restaurant here, a coffee shop there brimming with numerous celebrities and multi-culturalism. This cinematic journey guides us through the former Austrian Riviera to places such as Opatija and Grado, as well as to the Adriatic melting pots of the multinational empire - Trieste, Pula and Rijeka - and offers us a glimpse of the Habsburg’s coastal areas which still carry the monarchy’s signature.