• Project: TV Documentary (2009)
  • Production Company: RANFILM (AT)
  • Length: 45min
  • TV Partner: ORF, 3sat, Rai-Bozen
  • Screenplay: Hans Magenschab
  • Director: Alfred Ninaus
  • Producer: Alfred Ninaus

Erzherzog Johann - Visionary and Philanthropist

11.5.2009 marks the 150th anniversary of Erzherzog Johanns death. Two centuries now lie between his reign and the world of today. Two centuries, during which the world – even persevering countries such as Styria and Tyrol – has changed stronger and faster than in the two millennia before. Traditions outlive each other faster than ever, institutions are subject to steady, substantial change, if they want to keep with the times. So which of Erzherzog Johann foundations can still be relevant today? Can centuries-old ideas retain their legitimacy in this time of constant change? And if so, just how revolutionary must they have been in the beginning?

The documentary "Erzherzog Johann – Visionär und Menschenfreund" is not just another biography. The film is a critical examination of his overall work and the work of his foundations, or rather of these declining institutions in economic, social, cultural and scientific fields in the beginning of the third millennium.