• Project: Short Film (2015)
  • Length: 30min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Screenplay: Stephanie Ninaus
  • Director: Matthias Ninaus
  • Producer: Stephanie Ninaus / Matthias Ninaus
  • Cast: Gunther Gillian / Azad Yüce/ Lorenz Zechner / Preeti Hoffmann / Julia Reichart


“JAKOB” tells the story of the immigrant child Vadim. Vadim has problems finding his place in school. He is unable to connect with the other children, feels uncomfortable in school and get’s bad grades. But as soon as the bell rings, this shy and insecure boy turns into a happy and confident kid. He spends the afternoons with his best friend Jakob. Both love to play in the woods – a magical place where the boys experience an adventurous world. But suddenly everything seems to change! The live action short film “JAKOB” subtly concerns itself with the problems of 'the children of today”. Exclusion, discrimination and bullying are being dealt with in this film as well as the innocent phantasy world of children.