• Project: Feature Film (1997)
  • Production Company: RANFILM (AT)
  • Length: 92min
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Screenplay: Herbert Kampl
  • Director: Alfred Ninaus
  • Producer: Alfred Ninaus
  • Cast: Valentin Nita / Catalin Razvan / Istvan Kegl / Georg Ranca / Sandor Fodor / Eduard Rosko / Ildiko Zöldesi / Sandra Mauerhofer / Yvonne Frey / Bernhard Poeffel / Ernst Leiss / Eva Lechner / August Janisch / Annemarie Ringhofer / Kurt Massing

Adventure of a dream

"Adventure of a Dream" tells the story of a 20 year old Romanian refugee, Valentin Nita, who fled in summer 1990 after the revolution had failed. As a 14 year old young boy he started his adventurous journey from Bucharest across Hungary to way Austria. After the fall of the regime of Ceausescu, Valentin realizes the fact, that there is still a very long way to a true democracy in his homeland, apart from that a fear if the current post-communist politics will ever be gone.. Valentin uses his new freedom by applying for a passport and went to Budapest by train accompanied with two of his friends, Bogdan and Marion, all three with just one dream of a new future in freedom..

Film Festivals

Nominierung Deutscher Menschenrechtsfilmpreis (GERMANY)
Nominierung DIAGONALE- Großer Diagonale Preis (AUSTRIA)
Nominierung VIENNALE- Preis Neues Kino & Wiener Filmpreis (AUSTRIA)