• Project: TV Movie (1991)
  • Production Company: RANFILM (AT)
  • Length: 60min
  • Genre: Adventure, Family
  • Screenplay: Willhelm Pellert
  • Director: Alfred Ninaus
  • Producer: Alfred Ninaus
  • Cast: Karl Merkatz / Reinhard Schiebel / Johanna Steiner / Peter Neubauer / Kurt Hradek / Heide Stahl / René Alexiewicz / Erik Göller / Brigitte Antonius / Heinrich Schweiger / Alfred Guss / Anton Richs / Daniela Spera

The king of the bees

Harry is ten years old and attends first grade in a gymnasium. He is very interested in nature and biology however his teacher seems to cause him many troubles. Harry’s uncle is a beekeeper and they spend a lot of time together. One day his uncle gives Harry a beehive which he attends to in his uncle’s garden while helping him and getting to know the life of the bees.

When he made his first honey he is convinced it is the best honey in the entire world. Suddenly something strange happens; several bees die. Together with his friend Barbara, Harry tries to find an explanation. It doesn’t take them long to find the trail running into the neighbour’s garden…

Film Festivals:

Nominierung "Alencon Festival international du film pour enfants"
Nominierung "Cairo international film festival for children"
Nominierung "Canada le carrousel du film Rimouski"
Nominierung "Österreichische Filmtage"


"Montevideo festival internacional de cine para ninos, Uruguay"