• Project: Feature Film (1985)
  • Production Company: RANFILM (AT)
  • Length: 90min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Screenplay: Jürgen Rottensteiner
  • Director: Alfred Ninaus
  • Producer: Alfred Ninaus
  • Cast: Eddie Constantine / Marisa Mell / Raimund Knoll / Claudia Anderson / Stefan Mark / Franz Friedrich / Henriette Ahlsen / Rudolf Carl


Leo is a young filmmaker and has a lot of problems: not only his private life with Karin is going down the drain but also the preparations for his new film project “Bubbles” are threatening to burst.

Even though television is showing big interest in co-financing his film, promotion committees reject the subsidization. The main reason for this is an influential politician who recognizes himself in the main character of the planned film and tries to convince the film makers to change the script. David strictly rejects this, Leo, however, shows willingness to compromise. When several “accidents” happen, ordered by this politician, Leo realises that his struggle to realise his film seems to be in vain.